Leave your licence and your passport at home

A Keypass ID is a valid proof of age and identity card that can be used across all states in Australia. A Keypass is accepted for a variety of life moments2. You can also use Keypass digitally, as a part of Australia Post’s Digital iD™ App.

How can I use my Keypass ID card?

  • To gain access to 18+ licensed venues and concerts across Australia (approved by State/Territory Governments)
  • To purchase alcohol in venues and retail stores
  • To prove who you are for job applications, universities, movies, rental application, mobile purchases or utility sign up
  • Prove identity at the airport and hotel check-ins, ID for hospitals or medical clinics, on the spot fines, Travelex, some financial activities and more2
  • Driver licence (VIC, WA and NT) registration and Work Traffic Identification card (NT)
  • For telephone company purchases
  • For mail redirection or picking up a parcel
  • Proving your identity for public housing request (QLD and TAS), Maritime Security Identification Card and Aviation Security Identification Card
  • Primary ID document for Working with Children (VIC) in-store application submissions
  • Approved ID checklist for a gaming application (VIC)
  • To prove your ID as a small business or home office owner