If you're not home to sign for a parcel or registered post letter, or there's no safe place for us to leave the item1, we'll take it to the nearest Post Office.

You'll have 10 business days to collect it before the item is returned to the sender. When you collect a parcel or letter from the Post Office, we'll ask you to show ID proving that you're either:

  • the person it's addressed to (the 'addressee')
  • someone who's authorised to collect on the addressee's behalf

Received a notification saying your parcel is in a Parcel Locker? 

See info on missed deliveries placed in Parcel Lockers.

What ID you need to bring

When you collect a parcel or letter from the Post Office, we'll ask you to show ID, which differs depending on who the item is addressed to.

Can't make it there yourself?

Other people can collect your parcel for you one of two ways.

  1. Someone who lives with you can collect it with suitable ID.
    Anyone from the delivery address can collect the item as long as they have proof of address and suitable ID.
  2. Someone who doesn’t live with you needs authority to collect
    You can also have someone from a different address collect your parcel by giving them collection authority.

Ways to give someone authority to collect

Sharing collection authority when tracking

When a parcel is awaiting collection you'll see an option to 'Let someone collect this parcel'. Send a friend by creating a collection authorisation image to download and share via email, SMS or your preferred messaging app.

You need a MyPost account to do this and the person collecting needs suitable ID.

Completing this form

Fill out a collection authorisation form (PDF 83kB) for the person collecting to print and present at the Post Office along with suitable ID.