Take control of your everyday spending and budgeting


  • Keep on top of what you spend. Manage and reload your card through your online ‘My Account’ or the Australia Post Everyday Mastercard App. 

  • Shop safely. With no link to your bank account and Mastercard’s Zero Liability2 protection against fraud and other unauthorised transactions. 

  • Cashless spending - Tap and Go. Enjoy the freedom of ultra-fast, contactless payments with Tap and Go at retail stores, restaurants and more. Wherever you see the universal contactless symbol, your Everyday Mastercard is good to go.

  • Pay using your smart device. You can now use Google PayTM and Samsung Pay with your Everyday Mastercard.3

  • Card-to-card transfers4. Need to transfer pocket money to your kids? Quickly transfer funds from one Australia Post Everyday Mastercard to another.

  • 24/7 global assistance5. Card lost or stolen? Call for a replacement anytime. You may also be eligible for emergency funds assistance.