We'll save you a trip to the Post Office, by letting you know if there's mail in your PO Box. Just subscribe to Mail2Day, for free.

A smarter way to manage your mail

  • Free with your Post Office Box
  • Get daily email updates (Monday to Friday) when there's mail or parcels to collect
  • Check your mail when it suits you
  • Collect urgent mail the day it arrives
  • Keep track of incoming mail on your smartphone, tablet or computer*

Getting started

If you're applying for a Post Office Box, you can subscribe to Mail2Day notifications using the same application form (4.13MB). Otherwise, just follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to MyPost

A MyPost account is free and also allows you to control your deliveries.

2. Associate your PO Box

Add your PO Box to your MyPost delivery addresses. (It will already be listed if you applied for your PO Box via MyPost.)

3. Update your preferences

Simply tick the box for Mail2D