Top packing tips

  1. Cushioning
    There should be enough cushioning around the item to make sure it isn't damaged, and also to make sure it can't cause injury to our staff, or damage our equipment or other mail.
  2. Use the right packaging for your item
    We've got packaging products to suit many and varied needs at your local Post OfficeCheck mailing boxes, bags and other packaging options for details and prices.
  3. Sending keys, pens, USBs or CDs
    Never put rigid or inflexible items in a regular paper envelope - even if you think they're small enough. They could easily be damaged by our machines or torn from the envelope and lost.

Note: Marking it 'Fragile' or 'Handle with care' isn't enough

While we don't actually offer a 'Fragile' service, we'll always try to handle items with care. But writing on your item won't protect it when it's in a mail bag or being processed through sorting equipment.

How to pack different items

Don't forget to check at your local Post Office for mailing boxes, bags or bubble wrap to suit your needs.

Need help?

If you need advice, we can help. Just ask at your nearest Post Office or contact us.