Here's how it works

1. Check if redirection is available for your parcel

We’ll let you know if you can redirect your delivery via our tracking page or through any tracking emails we send you.

2. Log in to your MyPost account

You can only request redirection for parcels if you have a MyPost account.

Log in to view your track list and collection points.

3. Request a redirection

If your parcel is eligible for redirection, you’ll be able to choose that option from the track list in your MyPost account.

What you need to know about redirecting your parcel

  • You can request redirection once your parcel leaves the sender right up until the day of delivery. If redirection is no longer available for a particular parcel, you won’t be able to choose this option.
  • When you shop online, use the same email address that you used for your MyPost account. This lets you access delivery options like redirection.
  • Add your home address and mobile number to your MyPost account so we can match more parcels to you and enable your preferred delivery options.
  • Redirect your parcel while in transit to any Collection Point like a free 24/7 Parcel Locker, a participating Post Office (using Parcel Collect) or your PO Box.2