Sending under 5kg within Australia?

Our Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large packaging options are all eligible for our If It Packs, It Posts national flat rate pricing range.

There are four If It Packs It Posts packaging sizes, each with its own flat rate postage. Just look for any of our packaging options labelled Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large (envelopes excluded).

Flat Rate Satchels (not including postage)

Keep satchels on hand, and if your item is under 5kg, purchase flat rate postage label online or in-store at your convenience.

Prepaid satchels & envelopes (including postage)

Stock up on prepaid Parcel Post, Express Post and International Air packaging – so you’re ready to send anytime.

eBay satchels & boxes (not including postage)

Regularly sell items on eBay? Our eBay satchels can help streamline your sending.