How to send your parcels using a 24/7 Parcel Locker

1. Sign up to MyPost and add a Parcel Locker

If you haven't already, it’s easy to sign up for a MyPost account and it’s free too.

Onced you've signed up, you'll need to add a Parcel Locker as an alternative address. You'll then be able to send from any Parcel Locker that suits you.

2. Drop off your eligible parcel

Use a prepaid satchel or attach a postage label to your packaged item.2 Follow the prompts on the Parcel Locker screen to pop your item securely in a locker.

3. Start tracking

We’ll collect your parcel from the locker. You’ll get an email with tracking details as soon as you’re done dropping your parcel off.

Why use a Parcel Locker?

  • Free to use when sending and receiving parcels within Australia Post3

  • Accessible 24/74 which means you can easily send eligible prepaid parcels outside of business hours

  • A convenient way to send eligible prepaid parcels under 16kg that fit into a Parcel Locker