Home isn't your only delivery address

A free 24/7 Parcel Locker is a secure storage space where you can pick up your parcel – day or night.1 You can also use it to send a parcel.2

Unlike a PO Box, a Parcel Locker is yours only while your parcel is in it. The one-time PIN sent to you opens your locker and also serves as your signature.

You can register for multiple Parcel Lockers at locations convenient to you. There are over 1,000 locations nationwide, including at selected train stations, petrol stations, 7-Eleven stores and Woolworths stores.

How to use a Parcel Locker

1. Get a free MyPost account

Sign up for a MyPost account to set up and manage your contact details and delivery and notification preferences.

Once you sign up, we’ll assign you a 10-digit Australia Post Customer Number (APCN).

Download our free mobile app to track your parcels3  and access delivery options.

2. Choose your Parcel Locker

Find a Parcel Locker location that suits you whether it’s close to home, work or somewhere in between.

Search for an address and then select ‘Parcel Locker’ as the type of location you’re looking for.

Save the Parcel Locker address as an alternative delivery addresses once you’ve verified your identity.

3. Shop online

At the online checkout, enter your chosen Parcel Locker as your delivery address at the online checkout.

It will be a personalised address with your APCN in it.

Prefer checking out with PayPal? Just add the Parcel Locker address to your account settings.